10 Questions To Ask When Touring An Apartment For Rent

So, you’re on the hunt for a new apartment! Whether you are a first time renter or an experienced one, it can be a stressful process.  Follow our tips below for some helpful pointers on how to successfully navigate the apartment hunting process.

Asking the right questions prior to signing a lease is important, and asking them while taking a tour will help prevent you from settling for anything that could drastically impact your lifestyle and needs – all while being locked into a long-term lease and stuck with it.

As you start your rigorous search for a new spot to call “home”, know that we’re here to help – we’ve compiled a list of 10 very important questions you should ask when taking an apartment tour.

#1. What Is the Lease Term?

There should be no assumptions when it comes to signing a lease. You need to get clear cut details on the lease terms -those at the top of your list should include payment details (acceptable forms of payment and due dates), lease period, grace period and any additional payments needed. These may include security deposit, utilities, parking and pet fees.

Another great question to ask is what all is included in the regular rent payment? This may highlight any perks and set one apartment apart from another you are considering.

#2. Can I Repaint the Walls?

Frankly, some landlords frown at this, while others have no problem. Although this may not seem like a big deal, some landlords won’t allow renters to hang even a picture/painting on the wall – something that may definitely be important for you, especially if you intend on making the place you live your own.

#3. What Is the Guest Policy?

It is only natural to have guests over – whether for the day, overnight or longer. We know it’s your apartment and you paid for it, but if the guest policy forbids you from keeping an extra person under your roof, then you’re already breaching agreements if you invite them over to stay with you.

#4. How Often Does Rent Go Up, By What Percentage?

There are many factors that can cause a rent hike, but you should brace up for it in order not to be taken by surprise. We’ve seen a couple of leases that are notorious for doing such regularly.

#5. What Is the Pet Policy?

You don’t need to have a pet to ask this question. Your visiting friend or relative may have one. That’s why you should ask if pets are allowed or not. It is always good to know ahead of time to avoid any fees or prevent any policies you may be breaking.

#6. Who Takes Care of Repairs and How Soon?

Even if the fact that the building is in perfect shape (or looks it), doesn’t mean it won’t develop plumbing issues tomorrow. Will I pay for it or does my rent cover it?

If your new home will cover all or most repairs, there are still questions to ask. There is nothing worse than in the middle of a heat wave and the air conditioning goes out. How soon will it get fixed? 

#7. Where Can I Park My Car? 

It is important to have an apartment with sufficient space for you or your visitors to park their vehicles without getting a ticket. If you reside in a large city, does the lease include off street parking? Most cities have strict street parking laws – especially during certain seasons.

Parking rules can be a big nuisance if you have and use your car consistently. Do you really want to have to worry about walking several blocks to your car every morning before work, or have to worry about losing your “awesome, close” parking space if you just need to run to the store quick for something?

#8. How Secure Is the Neighborhood? The Building? 

Not to get you scared, but you should find out how often police are deployed to the area. Are vehicle thefts common? You also will want to ask about security measures in the building. Is there a key needed to enter? Are locks changed between tenants? All of this is very important for your safety. Not only this, but it shows the landlord’s concern for your personal well-being as well. If there are no security best practices in place, this should raise red flags.

#9. Does the Apartment Require Renter’s Insurance?

Some leases require you to have renters insurance before your application is accepted. You will want to make sure you can afford this additional fee in your monthly budget and have decent coverage.

#10. Why Did The Previous Tenants Leave? 

If the previous tenants didn’t stay long, there may be a negative reason why. Are the walls thin and the neighbors loud next door, affecting quiet nights at home? This may require a little more investigating than asking the landlord – look at reviews online, talk to current tenants, schedule more than one tour or visit the building on different days and at different times. A week day may be very different than a weekend night and something that would affect the lifestyle you like to live.

Alleviate Apartment Rental Stresses! 

One way to avoid the stresses of apartment hunting and being concerned about neighborhoods is renting in a mobile home community. From having no neighbor-shared walls, to having your own yard, a sense of security and feeling ownership of your space. There is no reason to not feel great about signing a lease and we’re here to help make the rental process go seamless!

Take a tour of one of our mobile homes and park today! We offer different options in styles, amenities and sizes when it comes to our rental homes – based on what is available, choose based on your needs and lifestyle. And we care about answering ALL of your questions with no hidden agenda. Our team appreciates a great partnership and you’ll find at Parrish Manor, we are about community and being neighborly.

Set up an appointment to tour today – call us at (919) 661-1234 or contact us online.

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