10 Weird Mobile Home Community Rules

You know the common saying, rules are made to be broken, right? A statement most likely used back in the high school days – rules parents set for kids or rules teachers set for students… But as an adult, rules are rules and can have some pretty major consequences. Like most every living space for rent, mobile home communities have rules – yet we found some pretty strange ones and we’re about to let you in on them…

No Feeding Squirrels

It seems silly this needs to be in a list of home rental rules, right? Well, someone somewhere may have fed these little guys until it became a problem. We found this rule prohibiting feeders on tenants’ properties, as to not attract these furry rodents. Sorry squirrels, no handouts here.

Children Under 14 Not Allowed on Playground

If this rule sounds counterintuitive, it is. Communities restricting playground age are likely removing any responsibility from themselves should a child get hurt on the equipment. There is definitely a logical disconnect in investing in a playground refusing entry for children. Hey kid, you can have your cake, but you can’t eat it too

Permission Required for a Waterbed

Alright. We understand the logic behind why a landlord may make this rule; the water damage done to a mobile home could be pretty intense, not to mention expensive if the bed breaks. However, this rule applies to a park where renters own the mobile home, just not the lot. This rule defies all logic, but it’s true nonetheless. Some parks require residents to obtain permission before bringing a waterbed into their mobile home, but it’s tough wagering a good guess as to why. Maybe the landlord had a bad experience in the 80’s when waterbeds were more popular and this had to become a rule? Some things are best not knowing.

Ask First for Sleepovers

No one wants to feel they’re under surveillance in their own home, but that’s exactly the kind of environment this rule cultivates. It requires residents to clear overnight guests with management ahead of time. Hey landlord, is it cool if my mom comes over?

Plants Require Board Approval

Some communities don’t allow plants of any kind on the property, even if they’re not planted directly in the ground. That’s right, some parks even restrict residents from having planters on patios. What we want to know, is what situation could this have stemmed from in order for it to become a rule…

No Airing Laundry on Sundays

Whether you like to save money at the laundromat by air drying your laundry, or simply love your linens breezy-fresh, it’s not happening on Sundays. If you are someone who completes your errands on the weekends, Saturday will be your laundry day in some mobile home communities. So, if you’re noticing a funky smell from your neighbor, they may have skipped that one weekend day they were able to do laundry, but the landlord restricted it.

Don’t Shoot the Vermin!

We understand the rule to not use a gun in the community – pretty straight forward, right? A departure from the ‘no feeding’ rule, this one seems to want to protect vermin in particular, within the park. Whether this rule intends to foster a respect for the natural world or is simply in place as a safety measure is unclear. Either way, don’t shoot the vermin!

Unlike Roller Coasters, The Short Ones Pass The Height Requirement

Plenty of living spaces place restrictions on dog size, but it’s generally in terms of weight rather than height, let alone such a subjective form of measurement. There is a rule where dogs who are roughly knee height or shorter are only permitted. Whose knees set the limit? We’re not clear on.

You Want To Rent It, You Fix It

Residents in some parks have moved into lots with existing sheds or light posts that were damaged, only to be notified after move in they would have to complete repairs at their own expense despite these items not belonging to them in the first place.

No Fixing Your Vehicle On Site

One park in particular prohibits tenants from performing maintenance on their own vehicles within the park limits. In fact, residents must take their car off of the property before any work can be done with it, adding to the overall cost of the issue.

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