5 Reasons You Should Be Renting a Mobile Home

Renting can be difficult, especially if your family is on the larger side. Existing in close proximity to your neighbors, such as you would in an apartment complex, can get overwhelming quickly. From late night noise to sharing a washer and dryer, you’re probably missing that little bit of quiet that comes with your own space.

A mobile home rental is a great option for any person or family who might be looking for a little more space, peace and privacy. Let’s explore.

Sense of Community

When you choose a mobile home rental, you’ll still feel the comforting closeness of your neighbors, without being right on top of each other. Most mobile home parks have a list of community events and gatherings, ranging from barbeques to volleyball games.

You can enjoy your own personal space with your family and still soak up all those neighborhood vibes. There is always someone close to help in the event of an emergency and kids have constant access to community playgrounds and dozens of friends.

Quality Control

When you move into a mobile home rental, you’ll know that the quality is nothing short of stellar. The development of mobile homes (technically now called manufactured homes), over the years has improved vastly. Each home available for rent or purchase is required to be up to code and that means everything from plumbing and electrical systems, to air purity and fire safety.

Also, the stigma around mobile homes when it comes to weather is actually quite untrue. You will be able to rest easy knowing your mobile home rental is of high standards and quality.


Mobile homes are smaller than your average single family home, but you’ll find yourself with a ton of space, depending on the floor plan you pick. The amount of square footage you’ll receive at such an affordable price point is unbeatable.

Mobile home rentals tend to run less than the national average for renting. With the lower cost of rent, you’ll have a lot more wiggle room financially!


Life in a mobile home rental tends to appeal to minimalists. Without a massive amount of extra space, you can allow yourself to live within your means, spacewise. By choosing a smaller living area, you can avoid the clutter that builds up so effortlessly in our lives. This perk can apply if you’re moving from a single family rental, or even an apartment.

Also, you’ll have more storage space!

Modern Living

The mobile home rentals of today are not what they use to be. With updated, modernized and contemporary floor plans, you are looking at the possibility of luxurious amenities for half of the price. It’s a bit like living in a resort at times and features living perks such as:

  • Off street parking
  • Playground
  • Sports fields and courts
  • Walking trail
  • Fishing pond
  • RV storage area
  • Sidewalks throughout community
  • Designated auto maintenance area
  • Beautiful landscaping
  • Community events and holiday celebrations
  • Outdoor picnic and barbecue spaces

Airy living areas, beautiful laminate flooring and large master bedrooms are commonplace in Parrish Manor. If you’d like to know more, give us a call today at  (919) 661-1234  or visit https://www.parrishmanor.com/schedule-a-visit/ to schedule a tour!