Maximizing Space in Your Mobile Home

More people are realizing that simplicity leads to happiness, and small home living is becoming more and more of a trend these days. In fact, mobile homes are a great option for this lifestyle. However, one of the best parts of mobile home living is one that can also pose some challenges: where can you put all your stuff?

You may love the idea of downsizing and the decluttering that goes along with small home living, but solving storage problems can often require some creative thinking to fit everything in.

Don’t stress – our team has put together our top tips for making the most out of your mobile home space.

Love Your Layout

You’ve probably seen how interior designers work with drawings or computer simulations of the layout of a home to determine how best to use the floor space. You may want to do something similar.

By following the same suit, you can decide how you want to not only arrange your furniture to best use your space, but to also help eliminate any that you don’t truly need. Doing so will also help you to see what kind of storage spaces you may want to utilize and how.

Think Outside the Box

Storage doesn’t have to be in traditional forms, such as a dresser or bookshelves. Instead, get creative to find room that is being underutilized. For example, you may want to use risers to lift your bed and create extra storage space underneath.

Another overlooked spot is the wall. Shelving or cabinets can help tremendously, and those that rise to the ceiling can provide storage for items you don’t use often.

Double Agent

Go furniture shopping with a purpose. Look for pieces that have additional storage space, such as a bedframe with built-in drawers, an ottoman with a lid, or tables with drawers or shelves. These are all clever multi-functional ways to store items such as clothes, shoes, games or books.

You may want to visit a store that specializes in offering storage solutions for small living spaces. With small home living becoming more of a trend in 2020, the options are endless when it comes to small space solutions.

Pack In, Pack Out

Some people embrace small living spaces because it encourages them to cut back on things that clutter, leaving room to  instead focus on experiences rather than belongings. The idea of owning less stuff can become part of your lifestyle, especially if you don’t have tons of room for things to begin with.

If you are not used to this, a great way to transition can be as simple as this rule: if you buy something new, get rid of something old. Donating items such as unused clothing or extra towels and linens, not only helps free up space in your home, but may make a difference for someone else in need of those things.

Remodeled Mobile Homes Available 

Of course, you can always get storage ideas from your new neighbors when you move to Parrish Manor. Our mobile homes are a great fit for your small living dream.

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