Nessie Foundation — Empowering Youth With Positive Influences

Every young person deserves access to resources setting them up for success. Unfortunately, not all children receive the same kinds of opportunities as their contemporaries.

Nessie Foundation aims to offer families seeking these opportunities with youth programs, providing necessary skills for future success and in a positive environment.

Currently focused on serving residents of Parrish Manor, Nessie Foundation provides children with programs including:

  •   Camp fees
  •   Transportation to Boys & Girls Club summer camp
  •   Community garden
  •   Cooking classes
  •   Soccer games at Parrish Manor recreation field
  •   After-school outdoor club

Nessie Foundation also offers a Bike Shop to teens living in Parrish Manor wherein they learn how to repair their own bikes, as well as the bikes of younger community members. It is opportunities such as this fostering a sense of social responsibility and the importance of giving back to the community, while building confidence and teaching young people a practical life skill. 

Continuous Teaching of Life Skills

All of these great opportunities are intended to equip youth with tools helping them grow both individually and collectively- allowing them to meet challenges and helping them to build on life skills.  Each program is different and works toward these common goals in a unique way.

Clubs, camps and classes first and foremost keep children occupied in a constructive way. These help kids work in team building environments, teaching them networking skills and about the power of working together to accomplish overall goals. Kids can feel the power of being a contributor and see the results of the impact they make. 

While cooking classes teach kids how to not only cook and make healthy lifestyle choices, an outdoor club teaches them how to have an appreciation for the environment and the importance of how staying active is essential to one’s overall health.  The community garden, soccer games and summer camps allow young people to forge bonds and feel at home within a community. They also give youth a sense of pride- hard work is most appreciated when it is earned. 

Stronger Together

Nessie Foundation believes strength is in numbers and in partnership. In fact, Nessie Foundation has formed partnerships with a number of other nonprofits and government agencies, creating a robust list of programs.

Some of the organizations and agencies Nessie Foundation partners with are Raleigh Boys & Girls Club, Inter-Faith Food Shuttle, Wake County Cooperative Extension and the N.C. Public Health Foundation. These partnerships are consistent with Nessie Foundation’s community driven goals.

As a nonprofit organization, Nessie Foundation is only able to provide these many services to youth in need due to the generous donations of community members. A tax-deductible donation can make more difference in a child’s life than most can ever imagine.

More Than A Mobile Home 

Thanks in part to Nessie Foundation’s concerted efforts, Parrish Manor is a thriving community in the Raleigh area. The open concept mobile homes are designed to fit every lifestyle and ensure all children have a comfortable environment to go home to after spending their afternoons in one of Nessie Foundation’s programs.

Being a resident at Parrish Manor offers so much more than a mobile home. Being a resident means a sense of belongingness to a community in beautiful surroundings. The Nessie Foundation strives to continue this sense of community and teaching the value of it to its youth – giving them a wide variety of opportunities to choose from and helping them to grow into exceptional adults. If this sounds like a great fit for you and your family, call us today at (919) 661-1234 or schedule a visit online.