Questions to Ask Before Signing A Mobile Home Lease

The benefits of mobile home living are tough to ignore. Low maintenance, zero property tax and access to amenities may have you reaching for a pen. But don’t sign the lease just yet – if you’re not careful, the excitement of envisioning furniture placement and decoration styles may keep you from noticing those boring, but ever-so-crucial details – turning your dream home into a nightmare. Asking the right questions puts you in a position of power as you sign the lease and ensures you get off on the right foot with your landlord. But for first-time renters, it’s hard to know what to ask. Here are a few to get you started:

Are There Any Extra Fees?

If you’re a first-time renter, you may not realize things like water, sewer, trash, gas, electric and other things making your home livable (and affordable) are not always included in the cost of rent. Each agency or landlord is different; some may cover all of these extra costs, though it’s rare. Most cover just a few, while others don’t cover any. On top of that, some mobile home communities have a seperate fee for the lot on top of the rent, application fees, administrative fees and more. Making sure you get all the details up front will keep you from a nasty surprise when the bills come rolling in.

What Does the Application Process Look Like?

Whether you’re looking at a mobile home, an apartment or another option, almost any landlord or agency will require you to show proof you make 3-4 times the monthly cost of rent. And, if you’re sharing with a roommate, that may go for them too. While some communities may be okay with a combined income of 3-4 times the rent, many require all adult occupants on the lease to make that much on their own, just in case one of you splits without warning. They may also check your credit, so you’ll want to check to see if this is a hard inquiry – which can impact your credit – or a soft inquiry, which doesn’t.

What Happens if I Need to Break the Lease?

When you sign a lease, you’re making a legally binding agreement to live there for a specific period of time. If life happens – for example, you’re offered your dream job on the other side of the country – there may be hefty fees for terminating the lease earlier than expected. While you may not be able to change their mind, it’s good to know up front what their expectations are.

How Long is the Lease?

While year-long leases are typically the most common, some agencies and landlords may offer longer or shorter lease terms. And a different lease length may mean a difference in monthly rent.

How Do I Request Repairs?

There’s nothing worse than finding out about a broken pipe in the middle of a shower, or discovering your AC went out on the hottest day of the year. There are a number of things that can go wrong in a mobile home, and you’ll want to know up front how to report a problem, who to report it to, who handles the fix and in what timeframe you can expect most problems to be fixed.

Don’t let this list be overwhelming. While these are important questions to ask, most people don’t encounter big problems, or no one would be renting at all! Parrish Manor can make the process easy. As a top-rated, family-friendly mobile home community, we make everything from rent to maintenance requests simple and quick with an online portal.

Leasing your dream home doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Call our Parrish Manor leasing specialists today at (919) 661-1234 to schedule a viewing and let our leasing specialists answer all these questions, and more.

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