Resident Selection Criteria

Please take a moment to read our occupancy standards listed below before completing an application. Prospective residents must meet all the required qualifications in order to be considered for residency. We thank you for your interest in our apartment community!!

  • All applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

  • Prospective residents must be gainfully employed (verifiable through their employers personnel office or their immediate supervisor) or have proof of adequate income from other sources. In the event a prospective resident is self-employed, a verifiable tax statement showing earnings from the previous year must be available.

  • A prospective resident’s gross monthly income (G.M.I) must be equal to, or greater than, three (3) times the amount of the monthly market rental rate of the apartment to be leased. Gross Annual Income (G.A.I) is calculated at 36 times the “market rental rate”.

  • Each prospective resident should have verifiable credit accounts in good standing with current rating no less favorable than an I3 or R3. Any accounts with ratings below these criteria must reflect a zero balance or letter from an attorney or creditor, on company letterhead, stating payment arrangements and history. The prospective resident should also have a satisfactory rental payment history or mortgage payment history. *Medical, college loans, or bankruptcy collection accounts (with proof of all bad debt included in bankruptcy) are exceptions to the stated credit policy.

  • Each prospective resident must complete an application, and each applicant must meet the criteria for occupancy with the exception of income, which can be combined.

  • If applicant does not meet the qualification criteria for income, a Co-signer/Guarantor may be permitted if the following qualifications are met:

    • Co-Signer/Guarantor must qualify on above stated terms for employment, residence history, and credit

    • Co-Signer/Guarantor’s gross monthly income must be equal to six (6) times the amount of the monthly rental of the apartment to be leased

    • Co-signer/Guarantor must sign lease agreement and all applicable addenda

  • Maximum 2 persons in a one-bedroom apartment Maximum 4 persons in a two-bedroom apartment

  • Maximum 6 persons in a three-bedroom apartment

  • Background checks will be conducted on all prospective residents. Applicant may be denied for misdemeanor convictions involving crimes against persons or drug related offenses. Felony convictions result in automatic denials.